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There are several places that I have code posted.

Additional code samples available upon request.

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  • PHP Form Handler (PHP as text file) - saves input to a CSV (comma separated value) file.
  • HTML Table Parser (PHP as text file) - gathers information from a specifically formatted table and inserts the info a database.
  • Database Table Expander (PHP as text file) - takes information in a database table and creates additional tables based upon that information.

Additional code samples available upon request.

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e-Commerce Sample

Database driven web store

Enjoy the prospect of purchasing some gaming cards.

Things of note:

  • The card search in the upper right corner searches for a set of characters anywhere in the card name. For example, enter "bio" in the search and cards with the letters "bio" anywhere in the title will appear ("Biorhythm" or "Amphibious" would both appear in the results).
  • When a card name is clicked on, a new window pops up with that specific card information. Included in this information are any other sets that the card appears in as well as other information.

Database Driven e-Commerce Example